Warehouse Handling



We build displays in all desired forms and quantities. Each display is designed based upon the customer’s desire and individual product characteristics, including consideration for product size and related marketing efforts. A variety of dispatch methods are also available. Displays can be built on carrier pallets, chep-pallets or on other wooden or cardboard one-way pallets.

During the last business years on average up to 40.000 to 50.000 displays have been built annually. We manage the surveillance of incoming goods and the in due time delivery of goods concerning seasonal businesses (e.g. spring, Easter, Christmas etc.)

Packing & Labeling

Do you have a marketing idea? We will assist you with a quick implementation and with fair prices. Do you want to distribute your product with a new accompanying product (e.g. wine glasses with a bottle of wine)? No problem! We will create new beautiful package contents and build a decorative display upon request.

We are here to help solve third party issues. How often did it happen, that for example the wrong EAN-Code has been printed on the packaging or a print item has been inadvertently excluded. We will help you solve this problem quickly and favorable.  

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